Course Structure

There are success skill courses, knowledge courses and elective courses. Candidates are required to complete twelve required courses (including ten full courses [one of which is a capstone project] and two half-courses) and seven elective courses.

Required Courses
Elective Courses
Total Courses


Accounting for Business Decisions

Business Analytics

Business Communications (half course)

Business Ethics (half course)

Capstone Project

China and the Global Economy

Corporate Finance

Managerial Economics

Operations Management

Organizational Leadership

Strategic Management

Strategic Marketing Management


Any 7 electives from the following 4+1 themes:

Frontier Knowledge

Big Data Consumer Analytics

Business Model Design and Innovation

China and the New World Order

Data-Driven Strategic Decision Making

Digital Technology and Transformation for Competitiveness

Entrepreneurial Enterprise Governance

Internet Platform Theory and Strategy

Manage Black Swan

User Behaviors and Analytics in the Digital Economy Era

Analytics and Innovation in Supply Chain and Finance

Business Valuation

Chinese Capital Market and Securities Analysis


Mergers and Acquisitions

Modern Portfolio Theory and its Application in Chinese Market

Risk Management

Financial Management

Glocal Management

Digital Transformation and Management Strategy in a Cross-Cultural Context

Executive Workshop (Hong Kong)

International Field Project (Japan)

Multinational Enterprises Strategy

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Strategic Human Resources Management

Corporate Strategy

Emerging Technology Innovation Management


Knowledge and Innovation Management

Learning Organization and Organizational Change

Global Business Assignment (Field trip to Israel)

Digital Innovation: From Practices to Methodologie

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Services Management

Branding and Communications

Consumer Behavior

Marketing Research and its Business Applications

Digital Marketing Strategy

* The elective courses offered may vary from year to year.
* Students may also take up to two electives from other taught postgraduate programmes offered by the School.